BBC Scotland - TV Channel

Following the strategy of the BBC2 idents. The ‘triple stripe’ finds itself taking on and merging into everyday objects with a surreal slant each time. Over twenty idents were commissioned with a mix of hand-crafted models, shot in live action (stop frame animation) and CGI. The personalities are further enhanced with sound design by The Music Sculptures, who also work on the BBC2 idents.

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BBC Scotland is the division of the British Broadcasting Corporation, the publicly funded broadcaster of the United Kingdom, which is responsible for broadcasting in Scotland.

BBC Scotland employs approximately 1,250 staff to produce 15,000 hours of programming for television and radio in both Scotland and the rest of the UK.


Television Broadcaster

Ken MacQuarrie

Current Announcers
Graham Anderson
Alison Cairney
Kirsty Campbell
Maura Currie
Tony Currie
Morag Irvine
Tamara Kennedy
Gillean McDougall
Andrea McNeill
Ken Mitchell
Amanda Niven
John Phillips
Anne Scott