Berlin welcomes Pencil to Pixel

For many years now I have been chairing one of Europe’s leading film and animation student conferences, Pencil to Pixel. After three successful years in Prague, this year we decided to come to Berlin. With its filmatic history stretching from "Nosferatu" and Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" to current Hollywood big budget films such as "V for Vendetta," "Black Book" and Tom Cruise's "Valkyrie," Berlin seems the perfect new location for this conference.

And here we are, presenting to an overwhelming number of 300 British students. Top talent from the country’s all universities; their courses vary from moving image to film, animation and visual communication.

The event has a long standing agenda to connect students with top creatives and inspire them through practical interaction. It aims to give them an insight into the real world practice of creative industries and address some of the finest work in moving image, animation and filmmaking of the previous year.

On the one hand, we are hoping to make students feel more confident in their creative development. On the other, it is a good opportunity for our speakers to gain first hand appreciation for their expertise and craft.

So, who have we got this year on our speaker’s panel? Well, it is certainly an appealing mix of creatives, from a features director Gerald McMorrow and graphic designer Jasmin Jodry, to a lecturer of Media Arts and Imaging at the University of Dundee Peter Richardson and director, producer Alice Harper, best known for her high end documentary work.

Speakers will present and discuss a selection of their work and at the end of each presentation there will be a lively question time. Students will have the opportunity to quiz speakers on their careers, work and inspiration and the speakers will offer invaluable advice for those seeking a career in the moving image field.

As for me, it is all about film title sequences.  I am presenting a historical overview on the development of title sequences from their origins to present times. 

I also brought with me to Berlin Mark Farrington, producer at a production company th1ng. Mark kindly agreed to film the event, so you will have the opportunity to view it here shortly.

I will also be making an announcement of my new titles work for one of the UK’s most successful directors. He is a frequent Academy Award nominee and I have had the pleasure to work with him in the past. His new film will debut in 2010, so watch this space for the official announcement. I will be documenting my title work on his film here over the next few weeks and showcase different stages of its development.

Find out more about Pencil to Pixel here or drop me a line.

Richard Morrison: Pencil to Pixel, Berlin, January 2010