DesignThinkers 2011


I have been kindly invited by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario, Canada to be a leading speaker at the 12th annual DesignThinkers conference in Toronto this autumn.

The conference will discuss the unique insight and problem-solving processes of the designer and how design thinking impacts business, society and the environment.

In broader terms, the conference provides strategic leadership, advice and examples on how innovation and various developments in design can positively optimize the performance of enterprises, our everyday lives and the public.

It’s still early days as for the topic of my presentation but it’s very likely I will be discussing certain aspects of today’s technology and its impact on contemporary design thinking.

To get a flavour for the conference you can watch highlights of last year’s event which focused on exploration of design, innovation and their effectiveness.


The DesignThinkers 2011 conference will take place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto November 2-3, with additional programming available throughout the week from

For more updates and discussion in the run up to the conference check out the DesignThinkers blog at

See you there!