The curtain opens on ETC

I made a trip out of Soho by nipping across Oxford Street into the 'Rag Trade' area, to meet my old friend Lee Pavey and his colleagues in their new post-production company Electric Theatre Collective. I found them on the 1st floor of a Georgian building along with a lovely old 'cage' style lift. Through the double doors I walked into a gracious contemporary open space with a busy friendly team at their workstations producing great work. Plus a friendly dog that didn't want to go out for a walk!

Lee and his production team work off old school desks complete with carved names on the tops and chewing gum stuck underneath. Lee assures me that the gum feature is being removed!

What a joy to see a new group living their dream and away from the stereotypical norm. However, they could do with a hat stand for my next visit.

Take a look for yourself, visit 1st Floor 13-14 Margaret Street, London W1W 8RN

Electric Theatre Collective