BATMAN – at the box office

Back ’89 when I designed the opening sequence for BATMAN (director Tim Burton), there was no knowing that it would turn into a series of films. A franchise is the term now coined since the start of ‘The Lord of the Rings' and ‘Harry Potter’ movies. The 7th BATMAN film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is released next July. Warner Bros screened the movie’s first six minutes here in England to fans at Imax theatres just last week. Screening a section so far in advance follows the same marketing strategy as with the previous movie ‘The Dark Knight’ which took a massive £646m at the box office. This new preview of the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ appears to have satisfied critics despite concerns about parts of the dialogue being almost unintelligible.

Dan Jolin, of Empire magazine said – “With films you sink into the world they create gradually. So to drop you in with six minutes and then it stops is a slightly odd experience but far better than a two-minute trailer.”

He added it could boost the movie’s marketing by keeping it in film fans’ minds. "There’s this very precious thing known as talkability," he explained. "It’s like the background noise of the culture discourse – they just want it to thrum away so it’s always present. When the film comes out it’s almost like you’ve no option – you’ve just got to go and see it."

Or could the ‘The Dark Knights’ success at the box office just be down to the fact that the late Heath Ledger locked himself in a hotel room for weeks to perfect his performance as the Joker?

Whatever the reason we will see again at the box office.

I will see if I am in time to bid for the titles.

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The Dark Knight Rises