My top 10 screenings of 2011

Picture me laying down on my sofa with Miles Davis on the turntable and with pen in hand. I thought I would share with you my favorites of the year. I've based these on freshness of vision, mastery of the medium and enjoyment. Here are my top 10 screenings of 2011: 1. The Tree of Life (Terrence Malick) - Brad Pitt is excellent throughout 2. War Horse (Stephen Spielberg) - Spielberg doing what he does best 3. Hugo (Martin Scorsese) - A great all round family film 4. The Artist (Michel Hazanavicius) - Brave, beautiful and silent 5. We Need To Talk About Kevin (Lynne Ramsey) - An award winning novel becomes a superb film 6. 1911 (Jackie Chan) - Another great Hong Kong release with Jackie's 100th film 7. Forbrydelsen (The Killing Season 2) (Danmarks Radio) - Sarah Lund back in her stunning knit wear 8. Tick Tock (Len Chi) - Best 5 minutes I've spent on YouTube 9. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Tomas Alfredson) - Beautifully shot and holds true to the original message - which is trust and betrayal 10. Breaking Bad (Vince Gilligan) - Addictive viewing

Looking forward to seeing The Kill List and the new Great Expectations film in the new year.

Top 10 Screenings