The spirit of Soho by Sam Tootal

Sam Tootal A guy comes up to me in Sainsbury's the other month, and says "Hi Rich", I go "Hi" back, but have no idea who this man is! Then he says "You have no reason to remember, my name is Sam Tootal and I was a runner for you when you were shooting the title sequence for High Fidelity". We laugh and chat on as you do, with Sam telling me about his two new pieces on Soho featuring 'Bar Italia' and 'Mark Powell'.

A few days later, I was in my usual seat in Bar Italia and Mark Powell walked by and 'doffed' his hat to me as he usually does. It reminded me to do as promised and to click on to Sam's site. To my great surprise and delight, I found that his two Soho pieces were delicately handled and captured the spirit of Soho.

It is my pleasure to show them below for you all to see and enjoy, as I did.

To see more of Sam's work, please visit