Riot on Redchurch Street screens at Cannes

This weekend sees Trevor Miller's 'Riot on Redchurch Street', get a special screening at the Marché du Film Theatre located in the Palais at Cannes. Produced by music manager and promoter Sean McLusky, and starring Sam Hazeldine, Alysson Paradis and Jesse Birdsall (seen below). The film tells the story of a love-triangle that takes place between an East London rock 'n' roll manager and two of his clients - an up-and-coming girl singer on the verge of mainstream success and the young, front-man for a local punk-rock band, who's about to crash and burn, leads to disaster. As the star-crossed lovers tear each other apart, a showcase gig in London's Shoreditch area goes badly wrong, igniting local community tensions. Now, there's a riot on Redchurch Street.

We wish the guys a great weekend for their Cannes premiere.

Riot on Redchurch Street at Cannes