Skyfall VFX designs for Silver's hacking screens

Skyfall LogoNow we are sure you have all seen Skyfall, we thought you might like to see some of the stages of our VFX design development for the laptop 'pop-up' animations. I had a call from editor Stuart Baird asking us to come in and meet with Sam Mendes, to discuss the scenes where Silver hacks into M's computer.

After sitting down in the cutting rooms at Goldcrest with Sam and Stuart, having gone through the film to get a background of the story and to understand the direction Sam saw the designs. We went away to develop numerous styles to help clarify the forthcoming threat to 'M'.

Skyfall Concept Screens

Our initial thinking included basic montage style animations, using iconic elements such as the Union Jack and the British Bulldog. Sam's direction was to portray Silver not as a tech wizard, but to have the screens designed with a more sinister nieve childlike approach to appear more threatening and to portray Silver's character more.

Skyfall Concept Screens

After several meetings, the Sugar Skull was introduced into the designs to reflect Silver's South American background and to make the message he was sending 'M' more disturbing. Above are a few frames from the development stages for you to see.

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42 Management and Production launches

We are currently in development with the new identity for UK based movie and TV management and production company 42, which was launched this week by partners Rory Aitken, Ben Pugh, Josh Varney and Kate Buckley. 42 will represent a roster of actors, writers and directors which already include actors Michael Caine, John Hurt, Rhys Ifans, Rupert Friend, Paul Bettany, Christopher Lee, Nicholas Hoult, Ben Drew, Jonny Lee Miller and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as well as writers and directors Eran Creevy (Welcome to the Punch), William Monahan, Peter Cattaneo and Daniel Wolfe.

Michael Caine Rhys Ifans Paul Bettany

With plans to also develop and produce film and television. Founders Rory and Ben set up the production company Between The Eyes back in 2005, which is to remain as a production label for certain titles under the 42 banner. Their latest project 'Welcome to the Punch' starring James McAvoy and Mark Strong, which we created the titles for releases in the UK and US March 2013.

Here below is the release poster for 'Welcome to the Punch':

Welcome to the Punch Official Poster

We wish them all every success.


Join me live on-stage at Promax UK 2012


Richard Morrison - The Dark Art of The Title Sequence

Tomorrow I am a guest speaker at the Promax UK 2012 Conference, talking about The Dark Art of the Title Sequence.

The event is the highlight of the Television Marketing calendar, attracting over 600 delegates from the UK and abroad. The seminars range from panel debates featuring high profile industry figures to sessions showcasing inspirational creative work from TV and beyond. In recent years Promax has played host to C4 CEO David Abraham, Channel 5’s Jeff Ford, BBC Director of Audio & Music Tim Davie and Sky’s Stuart Murphy amongst other broadcasting leaders. Keynote speakers have included author Will Self, advertising guru Rory Sutherland, Blur’s Alex James and actor Richard E. Grant.

This years event is being held at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in South Kensington, with my session starting at 2:00pm. For those who are coming, I look forward to seeing you there.

Our Official Riot on Redchurch Street Poster

The main title sequence for 'Riot on Redchurch Streetwas completed a few weeks ago and we're pleased to be able to share a few frames for you to see below. Director Trevor Miller is now with the film currently doing the rounds at this years AFM (American Film Market) event, which we wish him the very best with. Riot on Redchurch Street Main Title Sequence

In addition to the titles, Producer Sean McLusky asked us to design and artwork the official poster. Being more than happy to be involved, we saw this as a great opportunity to maintain the grity identity we developed for the on-screen through to the off-screen marketing material.

We are really pleased with the result and were even more delighted when both Sean and Trevor emailed us, saying "That's amazing, thank you very, very much for this, its perfect - you guys are ALWAYS FANTASTIC, we love it".

We thought it would be nice to be able to share this with you all as well, so here it is... we hope you all like too.

Riot on Redchurch Street Official Poster