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Odd Man Out - Out Now!

What a title Odd Man Out. That’s not me by the way, but it is Carl Reed’s 1947 classic movie which has been beautifully restored. I judge old movies like fine wine, some turn to vinegar when they reappear from the dark - but the best ones improve with age and are pure poetry in motion. This is such a movie... Odd Man Out, Directed by Carl Reed

Blending film noir with poetic realism, while trying to remain apolitical. The film is based on the original novel by F.L. Green, 'Odd Man Out'. It tells the story of Johnny McQueen, played by James Mason, who is the local head of a rebel organisation.

The insert at the beginning of the film continues... "This story is told against a background of political unrest in a city of Northern Ireland. It is not concerned with the struggle between the law and an illegal organisation, but only with the conflict in the hearts of the people when they become unexpectedly involved."

Having won 'Best British Motion Picture' at the 1947 BAFTAs, the film went on to get nominated for 'Best Film Editing' (by Fergus McDonell) at the Oscars the following year.

Also starring Robert Newton, Cyril Cusack and F.J. McCormick. It has been considered that 'Odd Man Out' would have probably been Reed's greatest work, had it not been overshadowed by 'The Third Man'.

For those who have not seen the film, or those that remember seeing the original. I highly recommend you go and get yourself this new remastered DVD release, it is well worth the watch.

Here's a little taster of the original release. Cheers...

Oscar Winner Chris Innis Crews Up

We are glad to announce that Dean and I, along with Mo Henry, will be joining the crew for our good friend Chris Innis. We will be creating the title sequence for Chris's new short psychodrama It Must Be Nice, through our LA based company MBH. Chris, who won a 2010 Oscar for Best Film Editing for The Hurt Locker, is taking on the role as Producer, Writer and Director for her new project which is based on the story I'm Better Than You written by Henry Slesar, who wrote for Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Featured recently in Below The Line, Chris talks in the article about the film, what she has been doing and who she has on-board. It's well worth the read, so please have a look for yourself. Here is the link to the article:

Chris Innis