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The Numbers Station title sequence

The Numbers Station Main Title We have pleasure in sharing with you our main title sequence for The Numbers Station.

Starring John Cusack, the film has recently been released by Matador Pictures to download and on-demand in the UK.

The Numbers Station is a British-American action thriller, also starring Malin Åkerman, about a disgraced CIA black ops agent assigned to protect the code operator at a secret American numbers station somewhere in the UK.

The film now also available on DVD in the US, has been directed by Kasper Barfoed and produced by brothers Sean and Bryan Furst of Furst Films (DaybreakersThe Girl in the ParkThe Matador) along with Nigel Thomas of Matador Pictures (Princess Ka'iulaniDreadBook of Blood).

So, here's our sequence for the film...

The Numbers Station Title Sequence Frames

The Numbers Station Title Sequence Frames

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The Numbers Station Official Trailer

The Numbers Station April 26th sees our title sequence for Kasper Barfoed's 'The Numbers Station', get its long awaited cinema release.

Starring John Cusack and Malin Akerman (Watchmen), 'Numbers' tells the story of veteran CIA black ops agent Emerson Kent (John), who is given one last chance to prove he still has what it takes to do his job after his last mission went disastrously wrong. With his new assignment of guarding Katherine (Malin), a code operator at a top-secret remote CIA 'Numbers Station', Emerson and Katherine suddenly find themselves in a life-or-death struggle against an unknown enemy.

"You'll never guess what we've done in the title sequence? But to see that you'll have to wait... ...till then, here's the official trailer":

The Numbers Station

The Numbers Station Film

The number count of films we are now currently working on has just been increased! As we are very pleased to announce that we have cracked the code on the title sequence for 'The Numbers Station', which has been directed by Kasper Barfoed.

The film is based around the secret world of intelligence agencies. Who since World War II have used secret stations to broadcast untraceable short-wave radio communications, in the form of encoded numbers to carry assignments to the field. Even though governments deny the use of such stations, the numbers from which the code has never been broken, can still be heard today.

John Cusack plays Emerson, a disgraced black ops agent, tasked with the job of protecting Katherine (Malin Akerman) a code operator working for a CIA broadcast station in the middle of a remote location.

Examples of Number Stations

From the producers of 'Daybreakers' and 'The Matador'. 'The Numbers Station' is set to be an explosive code-breaking thriller, in which we're sure Agent Cusack will be able to decipher.

We'll broadcast more code as we progress.