Join me live on-stage at Promax UK 2012


Richard Morrison - The Dark Art of The Title Sequence

Tomorrow I am a guest speaker at the Promax UK 2012 Conference, talking about The Dark Art of the Title Sequence.

The event is the highlight of the Television Marketing calendar, attracting over 600 delegates from the UK and abroad. The seminars range from panel debates featuring high profile industry figures to sessions showcasing inspirational creative work from TV and beyond. In recent years Promax has played host to C4 CEO David Abraham, Channel 5’s Jeff Ford, BBC Director of Audio & Music Tim Davie and Sky’s Stuart Murphy amongst other broadcasting leaders. Keynote speakers have included author Will Self, advertising guru Rory Sutherland, Blur’s Alex James and actor Richard E. Grant.

This years event is being held at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in South Kensington, with my session starting at 2:00pm. For those who are coming, I look forward to seeing you there.

My appearance in PromaxBDA's Brief magazine Following on from my interview at Tiff Bell Lightbox with Rae Ann Fera. I have been featured in her article The Creative Lifefor PromaxBDA's Winter 2012 Edition of Brief Magazine. The article is about top creatives sharing what keeps them inspired. The magazine is also available online at

Here is my Q&A which is featured: Q. How would you describe your job to a nine year old? A. I have an idea, which is sketched, filmed and used to excite you at the front of a movie as you start to eat your way through a bag of popcorn.

Q. What does being creative mean to you? A. Being able to wake up each morning and make a pot of coffee.

Q. What inspires you? A. Movement.

Q. What ‘s the one object that you own that would explain you most? A. My hat.

Q. What is your idea of perfect happiness? A. Being able to drink my morning coffee in peace.

Q. What’s your passion? A. The life that I live each and every day.

Q. If all the world’s creativity and innovation could only be used for good, what would you hope for? A. It would be used to demonstrate universal sharing of commodities as well as ideas.

Q. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? A. Movement or if you like Mind, which is central and constant in the world around us. When ideas appear for a moment in the Mind, I seize them.

Q. What turns you off? A. People who think there are no new ideas left in the world to discover. Its nonsense because when you stand and be present with yourself you will see movement within your Mind and all around you.

Q. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? A. Pianist.

Q. What was the last thing you shared on Facebook or Twitter? A. Best to log on and take a look:

Q. What music are you listening to in heavy rotation? A. Jazz, one of my all time favourites is Miles Davis, he lead a life immersed in movement.

Q. What ‘s a great book you’ve read or movie you’ve seen recently and what did it teach you? A. I read and watch films constantly; they do not teach they inspire me.

Q. Where do you go to be alone? A. Swimming.

Q. What is your current state of mind? A. I fancy another cup of coffee.

Q. If you wrote your memoirs, what would they be titled? A. ‘Under My Hat’

About Brief Magazine: Based in Santa Monica, California. Brief is a quarterly intelligence report identifying ideas, trends and innovations from the world’s most revolutionary entertainment and information content brands. brief exposes and explores emerging business trends, artistic executions and the creative and strategic professionals who make the media marketing, promotion and broadcast design industry tick.

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