Sam Hazeldine

Our Official Riot on Redchurch Street Poster

The main title sequence for 'Riot on Redchurch Streetwas completed a few weeks ago and we're pleased to be able to share a few frames for you to see below. Director Trevor Miller is now with the film currently doing the rounds at this years AFM (American Film Market) event, which we wish him the very best with. Riot on Redchurch Street Main Title Sequence

In addition to the titles, Producer Sean McLusky asked us to design and artwork the official poster. Being more than happy to be involved, we saw this as a great opportunity to maintain the grity identity we developed for the on-screen through to the off-screen marketing material.

We are really pleased with the result and were even more delighted when both Sean and Trevor emailed us, saying "That's amazing, thank you very, very much for this, its perfect - you guys are ALWAYS FANTASTIC, we love it".

We thought it would be nice to be able to share this with you all as well, so here it is... we hope you all like too.

Riot on Redchurch Street Official Poster

Riot On Redchurch Street

After our meeting today at Redchurch Street Productions. We are delighted to announce that we are now doing the titles for their new British independent film 'Riot on Redchurch Street'. Sean McLusky Richard Morrison Trevor Miller

Written and Directed by Trevor Miller. The film tells the story of a love triangle between an East London rock-n-roll manager and two of his clients - a girl singer on the verge of mainstream success and the young front-man from a local punk-band, who's starting to crash and burn. As the star-crossed lovers tear each other apart, a showcase gig in Shoreditch turns bad, igniting anglo-muslim racial tension - now there's a riot on Redchurch Street than can only end in blood, fire and redemption.

Riot On Redchurch Street

The film has been produced by music manager and promoter maverick Sean McLusky, along with seasoned veteran Hamish McAlpine, who was featured last week in The Hollywood Reporter in Cannes. It stars former singer of 'Mover', Sam Hazeldine who starred opposite John Cusack in 'The Raven' and French actress Alysson Paradis, younger sister of Vanessa Paradis. Distinct British movie and TV actor Jesse Birdsall also stars in the film, as does Rhys James.

Riot On Redchurch Street

Trevor says "I had returned to London, from Los Angeles, after 17 years and wanted to make a film that would translate to both UK and US audiences. The vibrancy and danger of the East London music scene seemed the perfect subject matter - being both singularly British, yet uniquely exportable. I had been reading Christopher Isherwood's "Goodbye To Berlin" and found striking parallels between my own experience and the bohemian subculture in which I became immersed. When I witnessed a large street-fight outside the Redchurch Street mosque I realized that this was a story needing to be told. A story about powerful emotion, moral ambiguity - but ultimately hope."