Sergeant Stripes

Free Runnerz

While I have been battling intergalactic martians in Soho this week. Dean has been at warp speed with creating a new fabulous identity for David Bonner's Sci-Fi Action Series Free Runnerz. This is what he beamed down and I wanted to share it with you Earthlings. Free Runnerz is a 3D CGI animated series of 52 x 15 minute episodes set in the not too far off future. In an Earth that has had its environment ruined by profit guzzling business conglomerates and non-visionary politicians, a cruel alien race, invisible to humans, waits in the shadows to make their move. This slightly dark and edgy animated series has a group of unlikely 8-16 year old orphans known as the 'Free Runnerz' as the heroes.

Free Runnerz

Free Runnerz is one of many of David's projects. Originally an Inspector in the Northumbria Police, David medically retired in 1998 after being assaulted on duty. He moved on to become involved in the children's animation industry, creating original ideas, character origination and development. Also script writing and script editing whilst securing commissions as a producer for many award winning animated children's shows.

During his time, David has been the creator and writer, producer on the animated BBC commissioned show The Lampies, which sold in over 70 countries. As well creating both Doctor Otter and Sergeant Stripes which sold internationally and were also commissioned by the BBC.

He is due to start pre-production as co-writer and co-producer on the new British movie Tick Tock Boom some time this year.