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RedShift identity design

One of the most characteristic things about working in the creative world is the importance of old client relationships and staying in touch. In my case this is even more vital as the majority of projects I have worked on have actually come through either recommendation or previous client relationships.

All the more, it’s always a nice surprise to hear from someone you haven’t seen for ages, and that was my exact reaction when I have recently caught up with an old client Stephen Taylor whom I met during his time at a production company Graphite.

Stephen has joined forces with Malcolm Wall, the former chief executive of Virgin Media's content business, and now runs Redshift Strategy, a London-based strategic consultancy for the media and communication sectors. To be more specific, Redshift provides strategic advice for screen-based businesses seeding to cope with the impact of rapid technological change.

Stephen invited me to Redshift to explain in more detail the nature of their service and this enabled me to understand how the latest TV and online technology is changing entertainment and viewing experience as we know it. And I was taken aback to realise the sheer volume of existing screen-based applications and platforms available to consumers in the UK and overseas including Sky+, Apple TV, BT Vision or Xbox and many more.

Understandably, knowing which of these devices are more suited or more competitive to a specific market is an important and valuable insight. With this in mind Redshift has built one of the UK’s only two technology suites (in the centre of London) to showcase all the latest technology and provide clients with strategic advice about the implications of these developments for a quickly changing marketplace.

In view of its rapid and exciting development as a new major consulting firm in media, Redshift has asked me to help define and create corporate identity for its global brand.

I was of course more than pleased to get involved, as once again the value of relationships proved priceless.

Here are some examples depicting key stages of the creative process:

Earlier thinking

Developing and evolving

Here's the final result:

The circle represents a global presence. Wholesome and encompassing. The triangles represent the points of the business, whilst being recognised as a technology icon for forward motion. The displaced "R" is the motion of RedShift having been shifted by the forward arrows (triangles).