Visual Effects

Welcome to the Punch Title Sequence

With Eran Creevy's new film 'Welcome to the Punch' having now been released. It would have been hard to have missed the huge amount of publicity out advertising the film. In addition to the release of the trailer which can be seen here via this link, we were delighted to see Punch launching an incredible amount of activity through their social media sites, plus all the very cool billboard hoardings, bus sides and taxi posters we saw in and around London and throughout the rest of the UK.

Welcome to the Punch Advertising

Even more thrilled we were to see that Substance Movies, a digital campaign and social media company unusually shared the main title sequence on Vimeo via Welcome to the Punch's Facebook Page as part of the build-up, prior to the films release.

Having created the titles sequences for the film, we are really excited to be able to share our sequence with you. So here for your viewing pleasure is our opening for 'Welcome to the Punch':

Euromaxx comes to Soho for Richard Morrison filming

Today, reporter Jens Von Larcher and his film crew from Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, have joined me in Soho to shoot a short documentary on myself and our title sequence work for 'Euromaxx' - a daily magazine that covers topics from the world of culture and lifestyle. The 4-5 minute feature will be part of a six part series, about people working in different areas of the film industry and will be broadcast worldwide (in various languages) daily from 18th February as part of the tail-end to Berlinale '63 - Berlin's International Film Festival.


Having filmed all this morning together with our VFX team, Lexhag at The Look in Rathbone Street, we have now taken to the streets of Soho to shoot at some of my favourite hotspots such as Bar Italia.

We look forward to sharing the final edit later next week.


Skyfall VFX designs for Silver's hacking screens

Skyfall LogoNow we are sure you have all seen Skyfall, we thought you might like to see some of the stages of our VFX design development for the laptop 'pop-up' animations. I had a call from editor Stuart Baird asking us to come in and meet with Sam Mendes, to discuss the scenes where Silver hacks into M's computer.

After sitting down in the cutting rooms at Goldcrest with Sam and Stuart, having gone through the film to get a background of the story and to understand the direction Sam saw the designs. We went away to develop numerous styles to help clarify the forthcoming threat to 'M'.

Skyfall Concept Screens

Our initial thinking included basic montage style animations, using iconic elements such as the Union Jack and the British Bulldog. Sam's direction was to portray Silver not as a tech wizard, but to have the screens designed with a more sinister nieve childlike approach to appear more threatening and to portray Silver's character more.

Skyfall Concept Screens

After several meetings, the Sugar Skull was introduced into the designs to reflect Silver's South American background and to make the message he was sending 'M' more disturbing. Above are a few frames from the development stages for you to see.

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