Idents and Logos

Channel broadcasters and production companies all have identities and logos that can be looked upon creatively a bit like people. Some are friendly but lack a strong personality; others are aggressive, pompous, or sometimes unpleasant or a bit dated. To be effective an identity must meet a set of criteria. Be relevant, appropriate and practical with those intangible qualities of being memorable plus distinctive. There should be an element of wit or intrigue, to set a mood. It’s that something extra, the visual tweak, that creates the unique personality.

When creating a logo it is the organisation it represents that gives it real meaning, and we always work closely with our clients to get the right spirit, tone and energy.

We have long known how to engage audiences – earning their commitment to watch a feature film and/or TV series in a matter of seconds - and we also know how that unique skill can be transferred to create engaging branding and marketing content.

The digital age is forcing every business in every sector to think less and less about branding as a static experience and more and more about how story-telling through video can inject brand personality into your product and subsequently the minds of its customers.

Today’s market is more visual than ever before so there is an expectation for content which delivers an instant graphical understanding of what the viewer is being offered. Given the right engagement, potential customers will devour and share content which strikes the right chord in their new social environments - like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine to name but a few – but it has stand out from the digital clutter.

Since we happen to have been creating short-form content which captures viewers’ attention and draws them in with a strong call to action for more than 40 years, we are well-placed to create those bites which can begin a viral chain reaction.

We will work with you to determine what you want your audience to feel and measure our ROI against this objective, turning high quality work around on time and on budget.