We close Jupiter Ascending, with a fully stereoscopic CG galactic journey of unknown worlds orbiting within their own zodiac orrery, to reveal the DNA of the universe.

After story boarding and presenting the sequence with style guides and colour palettes. The first focus was to create the zodiac orrery, which ultimately creates the DNA strands. To make this, we developed a bespoke collection of zodiac symbols; matching the bespoke font which we also created especially for the film. Once the Orrery and DNA strands were built - we plotted out the sequence to give us the journey path and timing required for the volume of title cards.

We then developed some unknown worlds to orbit within each of the orrery's, and placed this all within a space environment, adding atmosphere and visual effects to give us the overall effect.

To see our production company ident branding and main title logo work go to our branding page.

Directed by
The Wachowski's

Production Co.
Sloane Square Films
Warner Bros.
Village Roadshow

Release Date
Feb 2, 2015 (USA)

3 Nominations