We started off creatively looking for a single look and style, a stand alone sequence incorporating filming from within the show, combined with VFX and graphics. We spent lots of time deliberating internally, and discussing with the shows director Edward Berger.

We gathered lots of ideas and styles, extreme to each other, some 2D graphic led, some which would require filming Benedict specifically for a sequence. However, what become apparent was that the titles needed to be more caotic - in terms of how they worked with the show. Something that per episode would be more noticeable and make the audience sit up and take notice.

The idea of creating a series of static cards, which used various colours and an array of fonts on the surface felt too simple, but when we started designing them and placing them into picture, not only did they slapped the audience in the face, but they seamlessly fell into place within the context of the show and the world of Patrick Melrose.

Patrick Melrose is now available on Sky and Showtime.

Directed by
Edward Berger

Written by
Edward St. Aubyn
David Nicholls

Production Co.
Two Cities Television
Showtime Entertainment

Release Date
May, 2018