Richard Morrison

Creative Director

Creative director Richard is a specialist in the creation of film and TV title sequences and channel branding. He has worked with many of the world’s leading directors and producers.  

Credits span Hollywood blockbusters like Batman, Enemy at the Gates, and The Golden Compass. He’s worked with directors from Sir Kenneth Branagh to Tom Ford, from Biyi Bandele to Stephen Frears, from Tim Burton to Eran Creevy, and on Hollywood blockbusters with the Wachowski’s.

Way back he worked for a film trailer company, where he was initially mentored by Maurice Binder, creator of the early James Bond sequences.

Richard is a frequent speaker and lecturer in his field. Outside his screen work he has a personal passion as an exhibiting photographer, and recently published a photography book called SeenLondon in 2017, following his earlier found art book CUT, published in 2001, which sold in the thousands.

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