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Our brief from Sky for the title sequence was to capture the opulence of the southern French location whilst also conveying the inner turmoil of Julia Stiles’ character, central to the story. Having presented various concept designs in a creative pitch process we were awarded the sequence by producers Archery Pictures and Sky Atlantic. We designed and produced the sequence, titles and logo branding using imagery directly from the show, as well as directing specially filmed footage of Julia Stiles for the sequence. Once we had created all the art directed material we enlisted Lexhag VFX to help bring the sequence to life. The aim was provide a vivid and dynamic introduction for the show whilst also implying subtle visual motifs to the storyline.

Isabella Summers (Florence and the Machine) was brought on board by Sky to produce the title music for the show.

Riviera is now available on Sky Atlantic

Directed by
Hans Herbots
Philipp Kadelbach
Damon Thomas
Adrian Lester
Paul Walker

Written by
Neil Jordan
Paul McGuiness
John Banville

Production Co.
Archery Pictures
Sky Atlantic

Release Date
Jun 15, 2017 (UK)