For the start of Jupiter Ascending, we were asked by Warner Bros. additionally to our main title logo and end titles sequences we were creating, to also adapt the opening idents to follow the overall art direction of the film. In meeting and discussing the creative direction with both Lana and Andy Wachowski, it was agreed that we needed to re-create the 3D models of the Warner Bros. Village Roadshow and Ratpac logos in gold. Adding some ageing patina and 'stucco' ornamentation.

Our approach started as sketches, before drawing by hand and then finally digitizing the ornamental device to be added to each logo. As the design needed to reflect that as seen in the various scenes within the film, we referred to traditional 'stucco' designs added together with influences from the shapes of the films spacecraft.  

Once our models and build animation were finished. We then went about creating a new 3D visual effects cloud and space environment to complete the final sequence and to seemlessly transition in to the first live action scenes of the film.


Production Company Idents

Jupiter Ascending