Finding ourselves straight away in the seat of a fighter jet mid-combat in Beirut 1982, is an uneasy start of the film. But using the Israeli pilot's POV who is then shot down, is the perfect opening title sequence for the film.

With screen rolls and VFX interference showing glimpses of the unfolding action. Together with the frantic cockpit dialogue... our contemporary titles styled with a subtle essence of Arabic are placed centre-screen to complete the overall look.

The final frame cuts to the sky for our main title logo in English, Arabic and Hebrew.

Directed by Eran Riklis, and produced by Oscar winning producer Gareth Unwin and Frederick A. Ritzenberg of Bedlam Productions. Zaytoun, set in Beirut, 1982. Tells the story of a young Palestinian refugee who helps an Israeli fighter pilot escape from PLO captivity, because he wants to visit his ancestral family home. En route through war-torn Lebanon their relationship ultimately develops into a close bond.

Directed by
Eran Riklis

Production Co.
Bedlam Productions

Release Date
Sep 20, 2013 (USA)

3 Wins